Marshall Chapman Nude Pics

The magnificent Marshall Chapman is an actress and singer-songwriter born in Spartanburg, South Carolina on January 7, 1949. Marshall has appeared in films like Mississippi Grind (2015), Country Strong (2010), and Novitiate (2017). Marshall goes full frontal in Novitiate for the aptly named character Naked Nun. What is it about nun movies that always makes us so horny? This independent drama is about a young nun, Sister Cathleen (Margaret Qualley), suffering from a crisis of faith. Set during the early days of Vatican II in the 1960s, the film follows a group of nuns adapting to the changing times by exploring their sexuality—and some totally sinful acts like masturbation and lesbianism! In one of two nude scenes in the film, Marshall walking nude into a dining room and showing off her boobs and bush at the 53-minute mark! We get a great look at Marshall’s mesmerizing mams as she struts through the dining room while she sings! Amen to that!