Megan Lee Ethridge Nude Pics

Megan Lee Ethridge burst onto the scene with both chest cannons blazing when she made her film debut in Alien Abduction (2005) where she plays a woman who was abducted by aliens then kidnapped and studied by the government. Luckily for us, the doctors in this top secret facility did us a solid by ripping open her gown and exposing Megan’s mams while they treated her with shock therapy. After her treatment, she and another woman wash their sweet honeysuckles off with some clean water. Megan wasn’t done showing or showering her milk bags there. In Eugene (2009) she is back at as she strips down and jumps in the shower with her man. This time there are no doctors present, but you will be solid as she gets those perky puppies nice and wet. Megan continues to work regularly in various movies and TV series so there is a good chance we have not seen the last of this babe’s boobies!