Mel Martin Nude Pics

Born in London, England in 1947,?Mel Martin?has been tempting us with her tantalizing body since she made her screen debut in 1969 (what a year to make your debut!) She has spent most of her career working in television, though she has made the occasional film here and there, including the?Clint Eastwood?film?White Hunter, Black Heart?(1990) and?Business as Usual?(1989). Her most skinsational role to date came on the British series?Chiller?where she appeared on the 1995 episode “The Man Who Didn’t Believe in Ghosts.” Mel can be seen getting sudsy in a bathtub, revealing her right breast as she climbs in, but a chandelier is about to fall on her, she leaps out of the tub, revealing her booty and some sensational back burger! That’s the kind of thing we don’t see enough of around here, and we’re certainly grateful to Mel Martin for delivering the goods!