Mercedes Manning Nude Pics

The mesmerizing Mercedes Manning is an actress best known for her work in Other Halves (2015), Resurrection of Serious Rogers (2010), Zipper (2015). Mercedes made her acting debut in the short film The Honeymoon Period (2009). She has also worked as a set decorator for the TV series A Crime to Remember and as an art director for several episodes of the TV series Final Witness. We’d love to be the final witness of Mercedes’ amazing naked body! Mercedes gets undressed for her role as Jasmine in the horror sci-fi film Other Halves. The film follows programmers creating an innovative new dating app who realize that their product causes its users to become violent, amoral, and lose all self-control. Mercedes goes full frontal for the role. We get a great look while Mercedes jumps in the shower with a babe-alicious babe and gives us a peek at her terrific tits and that beautiful booty! Then we see Mercedes in the buff again lying next to the bloody dead body of a naked man. Mercedes is on the floor next to a stiff, and the sight of her breathtaking bush has got us a little stiff as well!