Michéle Perello Nude Pics

Ah, erotica. It’s the cornerstone of all art — highbrow, lowbrow — any brow for that matter. French actress Michele Perello was prolific in the erotique, and lucky for everyone, she even showed a little crotchbrow. And that’s in one of the first film in which she’s credited, The Blood Rose (1969), as she’s getting seduced by her boob-loving beau. That bean-flickin’ flick followed her earlier career as title-winning model in France, and also sprang her forward to star in other fleshy films, such as The Adulteress (1973) and Erotic Sex Games (1977). Speaking of being sprung, Ms. Perello is full-mast material, what with her meaty French rack of mam and bias for the boudoir. She may have made her mark in the 70s, but looking at Michele’s tit clips from the golden age of erotica has everyone seizing the day … and their crotches!