Michelle Trongone Nude Pics

Blonde babe Michelle Trongone appeared in a handful of skinema flicks in the 1990’s that gave her a chance to show off her incredible assets. We get to see those assets at work in movies like Different Strokes (1998) and Bikini Med School (1994), but it is her uncredited role in Divorce Law III (1993) that will leave you with a Trongbone. Near the middle of the movie, we find Michelle ?having fun while swinging topless. After a sweet close-up of her droplets, she is joined by a clown. Normally, this might kill the mood, but she faces the clown and mostly blocks him with her incredible body. While shielding us from Creepy the Clown we get a perfect view of her world class ass that is complete with sexy back dimples. It might be a little hard to stay hard when she mounts up on the clown, but if you keep your eyes on that booty you’re sure to keep your big top from collapsing!