Mónica Randall Nude Pics

Monica started her career way back in 1964 during the heyday of Spaghetti Westerns with a role in the decidedly humorous take on the Old West Gli Eroi del West. Throughout the 1960s, she continued in this vein, landing parts in such gun-slinging fare as Gli Eroi di Fort Worth, Ringo and Gringo Against All and La Lunga notte di Tombstone, among a host of others. Although the still-lovely Monica has long since branched out into non-Western fare, including Berlin Lady, Fourteen Stations and Sagitario, we’ll never forget her turn in the Charles Bronson flick Soleil rouge. Yes, it was a Western in the first degree but the real attraction here is the presence of Monica’s only known Skin Scene in which she bares her plump breasts for Mr. Camera in a nicely lit, not-all-that-brief scene. We’d like to have seen a lot more of her incredible body but beggars can’t be choosers, right?