Monika Kuczowska Nude Pics

If there’s one truth in this world it’s this: If you only make one film, make it memorable! European hottie?Monika Kuczowska definitely succeeded in that regard. Though her choice of film is questionable, as its the Rob Schneider sequel Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005), but her role as “Topless Weather Lady,” showed that she was exercising discerning taste in characters. It would be a crime, considering all she did for her art, not to check out her topless scenes! Feast your eyes on Monika’s well proportioned pontoons as she reads the weather. Too bad this didn’t lead to a career as an actual topless weather lady. That would have been one hell of a transition, and she’s definitely got the chops for it! Today’s forecast, your sausage will be sweltering with a 100% chance of ejaculation!