Montana Marks Nude Pics

With beauty, brains, and boobs that could stop traffic, Montana Marks is poised to take Hollywood by storm. This smart hottie graduated in the top 10% of her class at Penn State with a degree in Corporate Communication. While she enjoys business, acting is her first love so she dove chest first into it and after landing a few roles in short films and TV shows she got a lead in The Last Summer (2013). ?We get to see her fine body enjoying the fresh air and sunshine in Camp Dread (2014) where Montana spends a good amount of time in a skimpy bikini, skin tight exercise shorts or her bra and panties. She takes us to big sky country when she lets a guy unzip her bra and free her funbags while he dry humps her in bed. It’s a little creepy because Eric Roberts is watching them grind away on a hidden camera, but Montana is so hot she could turn any deadwood into a Grand Teton!