Natalia Reagan Nude Pics

A self-described ‘anthropologist, writer, actress, comedienne, and cartoonist,’ Natalia Reagan seems capable of dishing out entertainment in many varieties. Using her comedic skills, she created the web series Science! It’s Your Friend, a hilarious and informative program that answers many serious scientific quandaries. She hopes to continue working in this unique and unexplored area between comedy and information, where she can utilize all of her skills to teach and entertain her audience. As for her film work, she’s appeared in movies like Sex Drive (2008) and Hit List (2011), as well as TV shows like Better Off Ted and My Name Is Earl. It was in the latter show that you can find her running across a room in some black lingerie, only to pass out on the couch. With brains and beauty like hers, I’d say this funny and photogenic female needs to be seen more often!