Nerea Barros Nude Pics

Brunette beauty Nerea Barros is a Spanish actress and producer best known for her work in Marshland (2014), Volver a casa (2010), and Leon and Olvido (2004). Nerea was born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain on May 12, 1981. Nerea made her onscreen debut in Nena (1997). Nera shows some skin in the TV series Apaches. The series follows a journalist named Miguel (Alberto Ammann) who has a relatively quiet life until his father has a stroke. This compels him to travel back home for the first time in a long time where he reconnects with an old childhood best friend.?Alberto is one lucky man because his hometown seems to be full of absolute babes. Nerea gives us a peek at her pokies when she sits in bed in a teeny camisole and her glasses that tease us with serious sexy secretary vibes. We can’t get enough of this sexy Spaniard!