Olivia Robin Nude Pics

The raven black haired slim French femme, Olivia Robin has only one casting credit to her name, the movie toted as the first French sex/horror film, The Blood Rose (1969). Even if it wasn’t the first, it still certainly fits right in with the mold by delivering a ton of tasty actresses tempted to take off their tops and bare their tatas. Oliva plays one of the girls who gets lured into the castle so the main guy can find someone with a pleasing face to take off and place over his disfigured lover’s. The plot idea came from an earlier movie, Eyes Without a Face (1960), but ups the nudity by a lot. Oliva is seen changing into a see through top, getting scared in the middle of it by some thunder, giving the audience a better view at her frightened funbags. If she’s not careful someone’s going to be Robin that face of hers.