Ondina Quadri Nude Pics

Brunette beauty Ondina Quadri is an actress best known for her work in A Room of My Own (2017), The Nest (2016), and Arianna (2015). Ondina made her onscreen debut in Amori e metamorfosi (2014). Ondina bares it all for her titular role in the film Arianna (2015), the story of a nineteen year old who still has not gotten her first period. As Arianna struggles with her late development, her parents take her back to their lake house in Bolsena for a summer vacation. While she’s there she begins to explore her past and figure out why her body is the way it is while she also starts to explore her body and her sexuality.?As Ondina is the star of the film, there is plenty to see of her sexy skintastic body. She lays nude in the water with her nipples just visible under the mirky water. Ondina shows off more of her ta-tas when she walks around her house topless as she talks to her roommate. How can anyone concentrate on a conversation with her after looking at those delicious little mangoes? We also get to see a sexy upskirt shot of Ondina when she is sprawled out?on the couch before starting to masturbate. She masturbates even more when she examines herself nude in the mirror to pleasure her full frontal self. She bends over to show off her buns as she bangs a dude before she freaks out and gets out of bed. We love her bold exploration!