Pamela Villoresi Nude Pics

Ah, caio bella! Pamela Villoresi is an Italian babe whose beauty is worthy of Botticelli painting. The blond with classical features has been acting steadily for decades can be admired for her work in Splendor (1989), The Great Beauty (2013), Night Sun (1990), I Killed Napoleon (2015), and the TV series Marco Visconti (1975) among so much more. Her work in the film Private Vices, Public Virtues (1976) is worth much praise for she spends a majority of the film in the buff. She dances at a party in the nude, showing off her chesticles and luscious booty as well as her blond bush. The curtains do match the drapes! She enjoys many sex scenes, lying in bed with her lovers while maintaining her “no-clothing” policy. Mr. Skin thinks that’s something everyone should always abide by!