Paola Quattrini Nude Pics

Paola started her career way back in 1951 at the tender age of six in the Italian production Stormbound. Since then, she’s enjoyed a rather successful career as a character actress in her native Italy but sadly, American audiences have yet to experience her sultry screen presence…Nevertheless, Paola popped up on the Skin-o-Scope here at Skin Central back in 1972 with her turn in the giallo flick Case of the Bloody Iris. Along with Carla Brait and Edwige Fenech, Paola pops her perpendicular puppies out a plethora of times, notably in the prerequisite bathing scene, which also provides a peek at her great gorgeous glutes. (Say that three times fast!) Unfortunately, Paola has kept herself well-covered since that Skinematic Classic, so if you want to peruse her perky papayas and that practically perfect promontory, then you’ll have to pick up this particular pulp piece. It’s Paola Payola!