Patricia Gélin Nude Pics

The face of redheaded European skin cinema phenom Patricia Gelin is the face of sexual enticement. Meet the gaze of those brazenly wide and inviting eyes. Try to stop your thoughts from turning to notions of bodily love. Move your focus down to the mouth. The lips are large, formed like strawberries and minutely parted. There is a slight and alluring protrusion of the upper lip, indicative of a slight and alluring overbite, indicative of a penchant beyond that of most young girls for sucking her thumb. And then the limber and shameless redhead strips to her flaming muff in Montenegro (1981), and all attempts at linear thought are futile. Your mind wants only to bend around the subtle curve of her hips, to twist the popping tips of her nips, to descend in a swirl of rust-colored fluff.