Robin Denise Brown Nude Pics

Busty blonde bombshell Robin Denise Brown was born in Phenix City, Alabama in 1970. She got her start in modeling where she appeared in several issues of Playboy, before hitting the big time as Pet of the Month in the April, 1992 issue of Penthouse Magazine. She appeared in no fewer than five Penthouse videos, including the improbably named Penthouse: The Great Pet Hunt – Part 1 (1992) and Penthouse: The All-Pet Workout (1993) which was presumably marketed towards people who enjoy working out, none of whom read Penthouse Magazine. Her only film appearance to date was in the direct-to-video horror film Shower of Blood (2004) where she showed plenty of T & A! She always manages to keep one leg up to block any views of her vag, even after she’s dead, but her hellacious hooters and heinie more than make up for it! Robin will have you rockin’!