Robyn Pohle Nude Pics

Robyn’s career was all-too-brief, in our humble opinion… A lady as fine as she is should still be in the spotlight. Be that as it may, she only managed to land one Skinematic gig, in 1978’s Coach opposite perennial television presence Cathy Lee Crosby. However, it was quite a memorable role, considering that Robyn joined in with Rosanne Katon and Lenka Novak for some tit-popping party action with some jock-types about ten minutes into the movie. (We personally can’t think of a better way to grab a viewer’s attention… A tit flash at the beginning of the movie almost guarantees we’ll watch the rest of it hoping for more… and more… and more!) Robyn’s titular turn alerted the authorities over at Days of Our Lives to her presence and she subsequently landed a role on the hit soap opera. Sadly, after only two seasons on the series, Robyn dropped off the cast list and hasn’t created a blip on our Skin Central Skin-o-Scope since. We’re still waiting for this Robyn to return from the south to grace our screens once more!