Romi Koch Nude Pics

Sexy blonde actress Romi Koch had a very short acting career and tragically an even shorter life. Her only starring role was as The Doll in Dead Doll (2004) where she played a girl who was killed by her boyfriend then turned into a doll. The doll shows up and kills everyone that comes into contact with it. Ms. Koch will have your cock throbbing throughout the film when she flashes her rotors and goes full frontal on a few different occasions. Many of her scenes as the doll involve her naked. At one point we get a very good close up of her well groomed lady garden when a guy throws her over his shoulder to carry her. This doll looks so hot she will scare the jizz right out of you. Sadly, Romi died in 2005 before her career was able to take off. She will be missed.