Sara Murphy Nude Pics

Sara Murphy may not be a household name yet, but thanks to her roles in two high profile hit movies, she’s definitely on her way to the top! Sara made her screen debut as a dancer in David Fincher’s Oscar-winning film The Social Network (2010), and two years later appeared in Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s smash hit comedy Ted (2012)! Some of her other notable credits include The House Across the Street (2013), Approaching Normal (2013), and Aimy in a Cage (2015), but her most skinsational role of all came in the slasher flick Murder University (2012)! Sara kicks off the movie in style, revealing her breasts during a hallway seduction of some dingus, and then baring her breasts once again as she shares a sapphic smooch with another babe! Now that’s what we call higher education!