Shanna Mclaughlin Nude Pics

Florida native Shanna McLaughlin might look sweet and innocent, but she can be a very bad girl. She is most well-known for being Playboy’s Playmate of the Month July 2010, but she also made headlines when she got arrested for accidentally carrying a loaded gun into an airport security check. In addition to appearing in some Playboy produced videos and TV shows she has also begun landing roles in other movies including The Summoning (2014). We get very well acquainted with Shanna’s cleavage and seat when she appears in her bra and panties during the opening credits of Dumbbells (2014). As she and several other hotties sit around in their underwear watching a basketball game, we get to stare and her magnificent melons. When suddenly their favorite player is hurt, the girls stand up in a line in front of the TV letting us see all their sweet, thong clad booties. While her boobs might be Shanna’s major distraction, that rump will have you putting your concealed weapon in action!