Sibylle Canonica Nude Pics

Switzerland may be a neutral country, but men around the world are biased about Swiss Miss Sibylle Canonica. They love her! She has been making waves since appearing in her debut, Wollust, oder Gutknecht Tonis Traum (5. Todsunde) (1981), but it wasn’t until Julietta (2001) that she made waves in Mr. Skin’s pants. Sybille isn’t exactly naked–she’s topless and moaning on top of her lover in bed but manages to hide her nipples, only exposing some side breast. It’s still a hell of a ride. The ride got that much hotter, though, when Sibylle ended up in the drama Beyond Silence (1996), where she showed off her boobies skinny dipping with Sylvie Testud, who got all FFN for the camera, albeit from a distance. Sibylle is still working, most recently in a TV adaptation of H?nsel and Gretel (2005). Oh, to taste her gingerbread house.