Stephanie Jones Nude Pics

The sexy Stephanie Jones is an actress best known for her work in Uncle Tomcat’s House of Kittens (1967) and Orgy of the Dead (1965). Stephanie bares her bodacious bod for the sexploitation film Orgy of the Dead. Based on a novel by?Ed Wood?and adapted by same for the screen, nudie horror flick?Orgy of the Dead?features Ed Wood regular?Criswell?and a bevy of exotic dancers eager to strip for the cameras. The story begins when happy couple Bob and Shirley crash their car one sunny day only to find themselves suddenly in a graveyard at night. While crouching in some bushes, Bob and Shirley witness the terrifying and erotic spectacle of The Emperor (Criswell), The Mummy (Louis Ojena), and The Wolfman (John Andrews) presiding over a series of topless exotic dancers, one of whom is the saucy Stephanie. We get a great look at that amazing ass as she dances through the fog in a golden thong. Then, Stephanie shows off her terrific tits while dancing with a human skull. Stephanie’s holding a bone, and soon you will be too!