Tamryn Speirs Nude Pics

The tasty Tamryn Speirs is an actress best known for her work in The Rainbow Warrior (2006) and Girl from Nowhere (2017). She only has a couple credits but Tamryn shows some skin for her second film Girl from Nowhere. Tamryn gives us a look at her bodacious bare back while lounging at the beach in a revealing one piece as a lucky guy rubs her back with lotion. How do we get that job? Later, we get to see some sexy side boob while Tamryn sits in the tub having a salacious soak in the bubbles. Best of all, we get to watch Tamryn have a luscious lesbian moment when she makes out with the super cute Christia Visser by a bonfire. We can’t get enough of these lovely ladies sharing a sexy smooch before they’re interrupted. This girl is going somewhere!