Terry Congie Nude Pics

1986 was a big year for the truly tantalizing Terry Congie. She got to appear (topless) in a movie with a pre-fame Kevin Costner–actually she did it twice! Both Sizzle Beach, U.S.A. (1986) and Shadows Run Black (1986) featured a Congie/Costner match-up. Weird! One of the two performers would go on to massive acclaim and worldwide popularity, and the other would show her hooters twice before retiring to wholesale obscurity. Guess which was which. But as cool as Kevin Costner is, he simply doesn’t boast the same sort of assets that Terry does, namely a perfect pair of shirt potatoes. And who’d rather see Kevin’s naked rear over Terry’s? (OK, maybe women would.) Alas, Terry’s tit-laden career never progressed beyond 1986, but hey, at least she can one day tell her grandkids that she showed her hooters in two Kevin Costner movies!