Tina Sportolaro Nude Pics

You may recognize Tina Sportolaro from a minor role she played in the Roman Polanski picture Frantic, which starred Harrison Ford in one of his best roles ever. Or maybe not. She isn’t exactly a household name here in the United States, although she has appeared in French cinema regularly over the last 20 years or so. She made her big screen debut in 1983’s Femmes, in which she apparently plays a woman who really enjoys being naked and masturbating, because that is more or less what she does for the course of the film. In one scene, she actually “has sex” with some guy who hasn’t even taken his jeans off. Now, I dig the French, mostly for what they have done for nudity on film, but COME ON. How would you like to have a zipper digging into your tool while being ridden by an otherwise beautiful woman? It would ruin the whole thing! At any rate, check it out if you can find it, since it has a whole menagerie of naked women, all of whom are exceptionally beautiful.