Nina Leichtling?made a huge splash in the industry with a bit part in the Susan Sarandon/Natalie Portman sap-fest Anywhere But Here but thankfully, that is the extent of her mainstream, bleeding-heart, half-a-box-of-Kleenex-Mother-Daughter-flicks. (A note to filmmakers: No one likes that sort of movie. Stop making them… ). Before that role, Nina took had a salacious part in?1997’s?The Ultimate Attraction, which purports to be a comedy but is actually an excuse to get Gabriella Hall, Jacqueline Lovell and Taylor St. Clair in several separate and distinct lesbianic situations, all of which involve complete nudity. Nina joins in on the Skintastic fun, as well, showing off her luscious mams in one scene in particular but sadly, she doesn’t munch any carpet like the rest of the cast. What’s the matter, cat got your tongue… er pussy got your tongue?