Véronique Jannot Nude Pics

Although Veronique has appeared opposite Debra Winger in 1979’s ~French Postcards~, as well as opposite Martin Sheen in 1991’s ~Touch and Die~, the better part of her career has been spent in her native France. Of course, due to roles in such notable fare as ~Notre Juliette~ and ~Une femme dans la tempete~, as well as stints on such series as ~Sud lointan~ (We don’t think that has anything to do with sunbathing without clothes on, but we ~are~ willing to check into it…) Veronique is quite the star over there, as well she should be. It could also be due to her forthrightness with on-screen nudity, as well, but as we all know, French babes are usually rather Skinful. Veronique is no exception. She first showed off her itty-bitties in ~Charlotte et Lea~, but her sexy turn in 1984’s ~Un ete d’enfer~ was much hotter, including some pretty stark sex scenes and many better looks at her hoots. However, she has been rather Skingy ever since, but of course, let’s not rule anything out.