Véronique Vendell Nude Pics

The voluptuous vixen?Veronique Vendell is almost too hot to handle, but Mr. Skin would certainly love to try. The brunette actress with dark alluring eyes and an unbelievable hourglass figure is originally from Montpellier, France. Her salacious smirk is most recognizable in the films Becket (1964), The Night of the Generals (1967), Cross of Iron (1977), Dead Sexy (1970), and the infamous sexy romp Barbarella (1968) as Captain Moon. She shows off her beautiful bikini body in the film Code 7, Victim 5 (1964) as Gina. She shows off her sun-kissed skin in a yellow bikini that hugs her bum extra tight. She dives into the water and luckily the camera follows her athletic legs and sweet cheeks with every flutter through the water.?If fishes like Veronique are under the water, then Mr. Skin wants to go for a swim.