Vivi Bach Nude Pics

Vivi Bach was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1939 ?and began acting professionally in her early 20’s. She quickly became one of Denmark’s most in-demand actresses appearing in more than 48 movies from 1958 to 1974. Health issues that required her to have a pacemaker installed and stage fright that she was never able to overcome forced her to retire from acting in 1985. Shortly after that she moved to Spain with her husband where she lived until her death at the age of 73 in 2013. ? While she amassed a pretty impressive body of work it is her body in that work that caught our eye. In Mozambique (1964) she takes off her clothes and runs around in the woods in just her bra and panties. Sure, it’s the 60’s so she is wearing granny panties, but this Danish delight’s body is banging and her ass is nice and tight not to mention her impressive cleavage.