Yvette Yzon Nude Pics

Of all the very sexy stars of The Jail: The Women’s Hell (2006), Yvette Yzon is perhaps the biggest name and the one who has had the most acting work outside of the film. In that film she stars as Jennifer, one of several women who end up at a prison where they are subject to cruelties at the hands of a vicious warden and evil guards. They all get very naked in the film, too, and Yvette gets the most naked of all. We see her breasts several times throughout the film, whether she’s showering or being sprayed with a hose or being forced to strip, and we get a couple of peeks at her bush along the way, as well. The most nude star of the film ends up being the most famous, which is something we wish was more often the case! Yvette showed up in Secrets of Women (2005), Zombies: The Beginning (2007), and My Lai Four (2010) as well, but we’ll always remember her breast, err, best for her role in The Jail, at least until she decides to get nude again!