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Nathalie Tetrel showing her nude breasts, nipples, and bush in Capitaine Achab (2007). She looks kind of not alive, so that adds to the overall hotness of the video. Who wouldn’t want to see a naked chick who’s 100% dead and gone? Gotta love European cinema, it’s so freaking artsy-fartsy. Enjoy!

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Carolin Fink showing her nude breasts and bush in Die zweite Heimat Episode s01e12 (1993). Better yet, we also get to see a plenty of naked female asses later on. The girls are lined up, facing the wall. For some reason. You know that European movies/TV shows can get way too artsy for their own […]

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Un ete inoubliable (1994) gave us a few amazing nude Kristin Scott Thomas scenes. You can watch them online in 720p HD right here, no worries. We see her body from multiple angles and whatever. There’s a very questionable scene at the end, though. Maybe you shouldn’t watch it after all. Kinda ew.

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